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Short description:

This power measurement module measures both AC/DC voltages and currents, converting the input signal into a standard analog signal at the output.

Measured value processing can be switched between RMS value or arithmetic mean value and between effective, apparent or reactive power, and phase angle.


  • Two isolated measurement inputs for both AC/DC voltages and currents
  • RMS measurement or arithmetic mean value
  • A digital signal output reacts to configured measurement range limits (on/off switching delay and threshold value switch function can be configured with up to two threshold values).
  • Switchable filter function
  • Safe 3-way isolation with 3 kV test voltage per DIN EN 61010-1
Σήμα Εισόδου:
  • Current/Voltage
  • 1-Phase
Σήμα Εξόδου:
  • mA/V
Specialty Functions:
  • Digital Output (DO)
  • Clipping