879-3000 - Energy meter (MID), for direct connection 65A

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Short description:
Comprehensive energy measurement is necessary for optimizing energy consumption. WAGO now has new energy meters in its portfolio that simplify this task while providing several key advantages. They use the push-in connection technology with a lever, making them connect quickly and easily. The devices have a width of just 72 mm for direct measurement. These widths save a tremendous amount of control cabinet space. In addition to the values for active and reactive energy, the energy meters also record the mains frequency as well as current, voltage and power for all phases. And the user can conveniently see all of these energy characteristics at a glance on a large, illuminated display.

- Saving time at every level thanks to the Push-in CAGE CLAMP® and lever
- Real space savings: 72 mm wide (4PU)
- Measurement of delivery and purchase
- Energy recording via 4 rates
- The communications pro: M-Bus and Modbus® interface and 2 S0 pulse outputs
- Full transparency at a glance: Display energy quality characteristics on an illuminated full-format display
- Intuitive configuration: Touch-sensitive controls and configuration app via Bluetooth®

Σήμα Εισόδου:
  • Current/Voltage
  • 3-Phase
Σήμα Εξόδου:
  • Modbus RTU
  • M-Bus