2857-570/024-005 - 3-PH PMM, 3x277/480 V/5 A M RTU

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Short description:

WAGO’s 3-phase power measurement module in a DIN-railmount enclosure measures electrical data in three-phase supply networks – remotely from the control level.

Measured variables such as active/apparent/reactive power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle and frequency can be accessed via Modbus® Interface. In addition, the measured variables can be stored on a microSD card.
  • Current measurement via 5A current transformer
  • Mobile measurement and storage of measured values on microSD card
  • Configuration and display of measured values during operation via configuration interface
  • Compact device in DIN-rail-mount enclosure saves space used for building technology
  • Communication of measured values via Modbus® Interface
  • Configurable digital signal output as pulse output
Σήμα Εισόδου:
  • Current/Voltage
  • 3-Phase
Σήμα Εξόδου:
  • Modbus RTU
Specialty Functions:
  • Digital Output (DO)
  • Data Recording