2759-206/261-1000 - Application Energy Data Management,

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With our energy data management solution, you can record and visualize your measurement data from different media and with different parameters in no time. Continuous collection and monitoring provide the basis for the resource-efficient energy usage – the environment will thank you and your operating costs will be minimized. And by the way, the normative conformity according to DIN EN 50001 for the energetic evaluation is part of the package.
WAGO Energy Data Management consists of a web-based
application software combined with a modular control system.
It records measurement data from different media and influential factors for energy monitoring and processes them for further analyses, archiving and reporting. The software automatically detects different signals from the connected meters and sensors, making them available for additional energy analysis tools via simple parameter settings. This allows you to optimize energy consumption in your building or production facility, whether it’s local or across the globe.

Compatible Controllers/Touch Panels:

  • PFC200 G2; Controller PFC200 as basic unit, available in different configurations: 750-821x
  • PFC200 G2 XTR; Alternative: PFC200 for extreme environments: 750-821x/000-040
  • Touch Panel 600 Standard Line; PIO3; Alternative: Touch Panel with resistive touchscreen as basic unit: 762-43xx/8000-0002
  • Touch Panel 600 Advanced Line; PIO3; Alternative: Touch Panel with capacitive touchscreen as basic unit: 762-53xx/8000-0002

Note: The “Energy Data Management” Software is a pre-programmed application based on the e!COCKPIT Development Environment and can be used for both PFC200 G2 Controllers or Touch Panels 600. To download the application and the license to the device, the WAGOupload software is required, which can be obtained free of charge here from the WAGO homepage. Internet connection may be required for license activation.