RCMS410-24 (3 - 4 ημέρες)

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LINETRAXX® SmartDetect RCMS410

  • 4 channels in one compact housing
  • AC, pulsed DC, or AC/DC sensitive measuring for each channel

  • Frequency analysis up to the 400th harmonic

  • Configurable frequency response

  • Communication via various interfaces

The LINETRAXX® SmartDetect RCMS410 is an AC, pulsed DC, and smooth DC sensitive residual-current monitor for earthed power-supply systems. It measures residual currents between 2 mA and 70 A with direct voltage as well as alternating voltage in a frequency range from 15 Hz to 20 kHz and has been developed for flexible use in the most varied applications.

Despite its small size and compact design the RCMS410 is a top performer. It can monitor up to 4 residual-current channels simultaneously. The response values can be adjusted separately. Therefore the RCMS410 can distinguish between a prewarning and a main alarm as well as between the RMS value of AC and DC combined, and the RMS value of the individual AC or DC component. Specific analysis functions serve to measure and evaluate harmonics up to the 400th harmonic.

Apart from 4 residual-current inputs, the RCMS410 has a digital input, a digital output, and a multi-functional output. Corresponding measuring-current transformers (e. g. from the CTUB100 or CTAC series) need to be connected to the residual-current inputs.

With its numerous interfaces the RCMS410 can be easily integrated into new and already existing electrical installations. Among other things, the device is furnished with a standardised Modbus-RTU interface.

The display and operating elements of the RCMS410 have been reduced to a minimum. Several multi-coloured LEDs show the current status of the device and of the installation. Furthermore there is a test/reset button. The parameters needed for the electrical installation are set via Modbus RTU or via the NFC interface using the Bender Connect App (which is also possible even when the device is powered off). Default operating parameters already preset on the delivered device are also offered.