750-662/000-003 - 8FDI

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The PROFIsafe input module 75x-662/000-003 can connect to potential-free emergency stop buttons with contacts, safety interlock switches, operating mode switches, safety sensors and semiconductor outputs.

The modules have 8 clock sensitive inputs (I1 ... I8) that are fed by 2 differently clocked outputs (T1 ... T2).

Clock outputs are short-circuit protected. Inputs are continually monitored for cross circuits and voltage supply from separate sources. Additional safety relevant parameters (e.g., operating modes, switching off test pulses, discrepancy or filter times) can be configured via WAGO-I/O-CHECK.

The configuration tool can be conveniently integrated into engineering systems supporting both CC2 and CC3 tool calling interfaces (TCI).

When exchanging modules, parameters are automatically downloaded into the control unit via PROFIsafe-compatible iPar server – depending on settings. The PROFIsafe address can be set using the DIP switch located on the side of the module, or via WAGO-I/O-CHECK.

The modules support both PROFIsafe V1 (PROFIBUS) and V2 (PROFIBUS, PROFINET) protocols.

An optocoupler provides electrical isolation between the bus and the field side.

Individual I/O modules can be arranged in any combination when configuring the fieldbus node.

To protect the module against surge voltages (over-voltage protection acc. to IEC 61000-4-5), the filter module 750-626 or an external surge filter must be used for the 24V supply voltage.

Reference the product manual for further information (available in German and English).

Ασφάλεια - Προστασία:
Functional Safety
Θερμοκρασία Λειτουργίας:
0 … 55 °C
Digital Inputs