750-337 - FC CANopen, MCS

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This buscoupler connects the WAGOI/OSYSTEM as a slave to the CANopen fieldbus. The module data is transmitted using PDOs and SDOs.

The buscoupler automatically configures, creating a local process image which may include analog, digital or specialty modules. Analog and specialty module data is sent via words and/or bytes, digital data is sent bit by bit.

The local process image is divided into two data zones containing the data received and the data to be sent. The process data can be sent via the CANopen fieldbus to the PLC, PC or NC for further processing, and received from the field via CANopen.

The data of the analog modules is stored in the PDOs according to the order in which the modules are connected to the buscoupler. The bits of the digital modules are sent byte by byte and also mapped in the PDOs. If the amount of digital information exceeds 8 bits, the buscoupler automatically starts with a new byte.

All entries of the object dictionary can be mapped as the user likes in the 32 Rx PDOs and 32 Tx PDOs.

The complete input and output process image can be transmitted using SDOs.

"Spacer modules" can be set via software.

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